November Meet Minutes

Welcome note by Vijay Kumar

Section of members gathered

First talk: GIT repository by Vijay Kumar

Take aways:

  1. GIT repository file representation - .git objects

  2. Basics of Commit and checkout

  3. How to solve DVCS issue - using SHA1

  4. Solve Order issue using - Blob object and commit object

  5. Some git functions - Diff , log etc.,

Complete Material available at


Second talk: OpenCV by Mohan Raj (MIT research fellow)

Mohan Raj presenting his topic

Take aways:

  1. Equivalent to MATLAB + more , supports runtime memory managment unlike MATLAB

  2. How Image processing made easy with OpenCV

    a. Image fetching and display

    b. Image cropping

    c. Image fill

    d. Draw line, rectangle with definite thickeness

    e. Rectangle with fill [-1 thickness argument]

  3. RBG colour matrix representation of a image:- 2 point representation [B&W], 3 point representation [R-G-B]


Networking Tea break sponsored by Zilogic Systems

Discussion over tea

Get to know People with varied background.

Third talk on AsyncIO Programming: by Yogesh Dujodwala

Yogesh presenting his topic

  1. What is Async IO

  2. Brief on AsyncIO with example

  3. AsyncIO on Python 3.5 as library

  4. AsyncIO for efficiency in WebServers


Lightning talk 1: by Gaurauv

Test your skills on python

Reference site:

Lightning talk 2: by Vijaykumar

  • Key importance/application of AsyncIO

  • Multithreading vs Multiprocessing vs AsyncIO

Minutes contributed by Krishnakumar Natarajan (kk200488 at gmail dot com)

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