November Meet Minutes

A total of 70 people attended this meetup. So we literally had a classroom full of people.

Members listening with rapt attention

Due to technical difficulties, the first talk(Introduction to Selenium) has been postponed to the next meetup.

A Gentle Introduction to Generators and Co-routines

Speaker: Kiran Gangadharan
Resources: Slides on SpeakerDeck

  • Explains what makes a generator function different from that of any normal function and why/how they should be used.
  • Talks about how co-routines are simply an enhanced version of generators, that can communicate with each other.

Audience Introductions

  • A curious bunch of people in general, some data mining and machine learning enthusiasts.
  • A few students trying out the language.
  • Our guest, Nathann Cohen, a Core contributor to Sage.

Introduction to SQLAlchemy

Speaker: Shrayas Rajagopal
Resources: Slides on SpeakerDeck, IPython Notebook on GitHub

Vijay reminds the audience about our Chennaipy website and mailing list.

Fun with Pandas

Speaker: Sharmila Gopirajan
Resources: IPython Notebook on GitHub

  • 1st half - What Pandas is all about
  • data structures and common operations
  • 2nd half - demo with real world data set
  • interesting insights from the Crunch base data set
  • plotting the stats in a graph
  • Pandas makes it easy to get interesting insights about your data with very less code and the friendliness of Python
  • Author advocates Pandas Cookbook and SciPy conf(tutorial videos available online)

Vijay gives his vote of thanks to everyone who helped with organizing the meetup. Next meetup most likely to be on Dec 20th.

Credit Roll

  • Venue Coordinator: Shrinivasan
  • Event Host: Vijay Kumar
  • Networking over Tea, Sponsor: Zilogic Systems
  • Minutes: Kiran Gangadharan
  • People who helped spread the word
    • Aswin Murugesh
    • Chintu Philips Koshy
    • Karthik V. P.
    • Prasanna Vengadesh
    • Rajesh Singh
    • Rengaraj
    • Vikneshwaren
    • And many more, unknown people
  • Guests who gladly accepted our invite
    • Prof. Amritanshu Prasad
    • Nathann Cohen
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