October Meetup

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October Meetup

Date & Time

  • 22nd October (Saturday)
  • 3:00pm to 6:00pm


IMSc, Ramanujan Auditorium C.I.T Campus, 4th Cross Street, Tharamani, Chennai

Location map: http://www.google.com/maps?q=12.994337,80.247170


  • Diving Deep into Dictionary (20 min) by Naren

  • Demystifying How Imports Work in Python (20 min) by Tasdik Rahman

  • Networking Tea Break (30 min)

  • Introduction to Selenium in Python (20 min) by Mayur Shah

  • Lightning Talks (20 min)

  • Discussions (20 min)

Diving deep into dictionary

Speaker: Naren

Every pythonista knows how to use a dictionary. They claim its the fastest data structure in python and tell, one should not expect ordered elements from it (Atleast in python 2.x). But I am not sure how many of them are aware what happens when a dictionary is initialized?, why its not ordered?, why is it so fast?, how it alters itself when it grows?. I will talk about all of these and after the talk the audience will know whats really happening behind a dictionary.

Demystifying how imports work in Python

Speaker: Tasdik Rahman

It just so happens python abstracts away the inner workings of import statement beautifully. But are we aware of how python behaves when it encounters an import statement for a module? Better yet what is a module actually? Packages anybody? How would different import styles compare with each other. Any Best practices when importing modules. What about that init.py you saw the last time you read someone else's code.

Introduction to selenium in Python

Speaker: Mayur Shah

I'll be explaining them about, what selenium is? How it helps with browser automations. How we can use it for testing? Selenium ide and webdriver. Also I'll be showing demo and how to code.

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