May Meetup

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Date & Time

  • 28rd May 2016
  • 3:00pm to 5:30pm


Ramanujan Auditorium,
C.I.T Campus, 4th Cross Street,
Tharamani, Chennai.

Location map:


  • Introduction to PySpark (20 min)
  • Introduction to Celery (20 min)
  • Networking Tea Break (30 min)
  • Code Optimisation in Python (20 min)
  • OPEN TALK SLOT (20 min)
  • Lightning Talks (20 min)
  • Discussion (20 min)


Introduction to PySpark

Speaker: Tanigaiarassane

  • Spark concepts
  • Python functional programming constructs
  • map, reduce, filter etc
  • pySpark programming - with some examples.

Introduction to Celery

Speaker: Shanmuga

Cases when number of tasks are submitted to task queue which needs to be processed asynchronously Celery saves the day. Celery distributes and coordinates the tasks over multiple workers (may be running on different machine). It also scales well with addition/removal of workers on the fly to handle those occasional burst work load between long periods of calm.

With the flexibility to support multiple message brokers and custom extension for various modules it addresses a wide variety of retirements.

Code Optimization in Python

Speaker: Ashok

I am referring to the following 2 links. They have some good material.

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