May Meet Minutes

After a long time we were back to IMSc Ramanujam auditorium. The meetup Intro was given by Abhishek.

We started with second talk since Shrayas was not available for this meetup.

Introduction to Celery

The first talk was given by Shanmuga. He started explaining how and why he started using Celery in his project. He continued with requirement for setting up Celery like choosing a broker (RabbitMq or Redis etc). He explained the advantages and disadvantages of those brokers. Then he started explaining a prototype written by him. I was not available after some 4 slides since myself and Vengatesh left to check the status of snacks and tea for the networking break.

Short Introduction by every one.

When I came back from canteen audience gave intro to themselves. Mostly every one explained why they are coming for the meetup. Since the tea is little bit late we continued with next session.

Code Optimization in Python

The second talk was given by Ashok on Code Optimization. He started the session by asking questions related to Optimization like Why optimization is require ? Where we need to apply this concept ? What are all the things we need take care in Optimization ? He explained profiling in python and gave some reference.

Networking Tea Break

Networking Tea

Deep Learning with Tensor Flow

Talk on Tensor Flow

The third talk was about Tensor Flow by Manish. He explained how Tensor Flow can use GPU to compute expressions in parallel. If my understanding is right, if there is an equation or problem which relies input from other 10 equation in order to solve then the tensor flow will evaluate each expression or problem in parallel and give 10 inputs to solve the final equation. He actually porting his hand written neural network application code to tensor flow.


Thanks to Vengatesh, Vinoth and Reegan for coordinating Networking over tea. Thanks Abhisek for hosting.

Group Photo

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