May Meet Minutes

Date/Time of Meeting: 23-May-15 / 3.00 PM - 6.00 PM Location of Meeting: IMSc, Ramanujan Auditorium

We started our session at 3.10 PM, with welcoming note from Vijay Kumar introducing the meeting format to the first time guests, who turned-up for the Chennaipy meetup.

3.18 PM - 3.42 PM: How to build Predictive model using Dumbo, Nikil

Nikil presenting his Talk

Nikil took everyone into how we can build predictive models using Dumbo. He highlighted how the legacy predictive model which uses Python for modeling and use of java based system for production environment. Finally, he clearly demonstrates how the DUMBO frameworks helps data scientist to save enormous amount of time by building predictive models and production environment with simple examples.

3.42 PM - 4.20 PM: Memory Management in Python, Vijay kumar

Vijay presenting his Talk

We had a classical talk once again from Vijay kumar, which helps everyone to visualize how the memory is allocated to an variable in languages in C, Java. He clearly showed how the memory is allocated to an object in Python as well as how reference cycles occur and how the cycle detection is implemented.

4.20 PM - 4.51 PM: Break Time

4.52 PM - 5.13 PM: Face detection using opencv RaspberryPi, Gaurav

Gaurav presenting his Talk

Gourav demonstrated the face detection algorithm, which he developed using OpenCV. He showed line by line the code for using OpenCV and for capturing images using RaspberryPi camera module. Finally he shared some of his hackathon experience to everyone.

5.13 PM - 5.48 PM: All things py, Krishna

Krishna presenting his Talk

Krishna started his talk with how the language got the name Python followed by different flavors of Python and its corresponding unique features. Everyone came to know about .pyc file information like magic number, time stamp and source code details. At the end, he explained clearly whether Python is interpreter based or compiler based language

5.48 PM - 6.00 PM: Impromptu lightning talks from audience

Rengaraj presenting his lightning Talk

Vengatesh S  presenting his lightning Talk

At the end we had series of impromptu small talks from the audience. Venkatesh shared about use ptpython, Rengaraj shared his experience on why he likes python followed by vote of thanks from Vijay Kumar.

End of May edition

Meeting minutes contributed by Tamil Vannan.

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