March Meet Minutes

This time the meetup took place at DUTA SOFTWARE INDIA Pvt Ltd. As usual the meetup context was set by Vijay Kumar in order to set the expectation of the crowd.

Building a Tic Tac Toe AI in Python

The first session started around 3:20 PM. Kiran Gangadharan started the session explaining the Tic Tac Toe game in the context of finding a solution based on the moves that system will encounter during a two player game, one being a human and another being the program build with AI. Analysis mainly included possibilities of the moves a player will make and how the program should make a counter move. The Problem was taken up as a MinMax problem so that program writtern in that approach can make appropriate moves to maximize the possibilities of the system to win the game. He introduced a Naive and Hueristic function Approach and he also stated about Alpha Beta Pruning also as a approach for approaching gaming solutions. Watson and AlphaGo were Quoted as available AI solution when Questioned about extension of solution for multiplayers and next level of complex games like Chess.

Rethinking Spreadsheets

Followed by kiran's Session, Vijay Kumar took the lead and started his presentation on "Rethinking Spreadsheets". He stated that he wanted a nice Command line tool in the place GUI based spreadsheet, so he created this utility. He used Yaml data format to represent spreadsheet data and custom expression which starts with "=" to represent formulas required. The input Yaml data file is provided to YAMLCalc program to evalutate the expressions and derive the data based on formulas. He used watchMeDo to simultaneously create output data by running the python program.

Networking Tea Break

Rethinking Spreadsheets - Continued

Vijay Kumar continued his session post Networking Tea Break. He moved on with different data with array of data samples to show the changes in output. He had different view types support in his program. In his demo, he showed how one could create an pie chart, dough nut and bar chart with his program, which intern makes use of pygal to create charts.

JPEG Compression

JPEG Compression Session was taken by Ashok. He started his session questioning the audience - how one could compress the Image data. With various answers from the audience he moved his presentation to point out the types of Lossy JPEG Compression available. He stressed on requirement of dimensional reduction with co-ordinate transformation and its requirement on data science.

Note: "Gradual Typing - Introduction, purpose and a small look at mypy" session was skipped.


Thanks to Babu for the beautiful photos. And thanks to Narendran Solai for the meeting minutes.

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