January Meet Minutes

The meetup started with Shreyas setting the context. He gave a short presentation on what a meet-up is, and what is it not, and what to expect. After that we went in for the talks.

The first talk was Environment for a Python Dev by Dinesh Kumar He talked about setting-up and using a working environment for python development using various tools an libraries. He covered the following:

  • How code with print could break in Python 3, pyenv shell can help change python versions. And how it also helps with library dependencies.

  • How provisioning tools like Ansible can be used along with pyenv to help setup project dependencies.

  • On how to do build and tests, and use tests as documentation

  • On choices for linters and style checkers: Pylink, Pep8, pyflakes

  • And about how to use PYVERBOSE

The second talk was on Algorithmic analysis and Time complexity in Python by Ashok Govindarajan. This talk was about:

  • Measuring the execution time of algorithms in Python - simple addition program

  • Big O Notation

  • Time complexity of Python Operations.

Slides here: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/qA2HuxRkemDYgg

Then we all stepped out for a coffee break.

The next talk was on Debugging the easy way with python debugger by Gaurav Sehrawat. This talk covered the essentials of using pdb - the Python debugger. It went into various ways of invoking pdb, and a more sophisticated alternative called pdgpp. The speaker also went into a demo of the debugging session using an encryption program.

After that we had a few lightening talks:

  1. Venkatesh talked about an attendance management system he had worked on

  2. Sharmila talked about additions to environment using the Conda project.

  3. Shreyas talked about tech-communitiy's behaviour towards open source leaders.

With that, and a group photo, the meet-up came to an end.


Thanks to Babu for the beautiful photos. And thanks to Abhishek Yadav for the meeting minutes.

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