January Meet Minutes

Pythonistas Discussing

The meetup started with an quick intro session by Vijay Kumar and Shrayas on Python. It gave a quick idea for people who are new to Python.

Image Processing

  • Speaker: Akshia Kumar
  • Video: Vimeo

Akshia talked about using tools such as OpenCV, Numpy and operation with images. He also covered about filtering and thresholding.

How Python changed my view of programming

  • Speaker: Rengaraj
  • Video: Vimeo

Rengaraj shared his experience about how he came into the world of Programming and Python's role in it. It was inspirational for many.

My Journey with the world of Open Source

  • Speaker: Shrayas
  • Video: Vimeo

Shrayas shared how he wrote his first crawler and how it helped his friends. He shared his experience on contributing to open source projects in GitHub and how he felt when his first pull request was approved. He also showed some of his projects over there in GitHub. His account is shrayasr on GitHub. He stressed on "scratch your itch" for people to get involved.

Exception handling in Python

  • Speaker: Prof. Amritanshu Prasad
  • Video: Vimeo

Prof. Amritanshu showed coding samples on exception handling to explain the concept. It was useful.


  • Speaker: Rajesh Singh
  • Video: Vimeo

Rajesh spoke about accelerating Python using Cython. It gave a different perspective.

There was a tea break where people had a chance to know each other and share their views.

Hangman: Design and Implementation

  • Speaker: Vijay Kumar
  • Video: Vimeo

Vijay spoke about how the Hangman game moved from just a program to a full blown project. He shared his valuable learnings on how unit testing is mandatory in Python, supporting different versions of Python. He also talked about libcrypt, simulate projects.

Build your own CPU

  • Speaker: Shrikant Giridhar

Shrikant talked about how to build a computer starting from scratch. He talked about project Oberon, Hardware description Languages such as Verilog, MyHDL - HDL semantics in Python. Generators & Decorators, Synthesizable Python. He also talked about opencores.org.

Overall it was a useful meetup where people had a chance to know more about Python and about different fields Python was used.

Meeting Minutes by S. P. Balamurugan.

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