April Meet Minutes

Section of the members gathered

The meetup started about half hour late as there was another meeting of #ValueFromData which ran late. After a small delay to check the audio recording system, the session started with 3 lightning talks

Talk 1: Leveraging Python Development with Virtual Environment

Speaker Gaurav Sherawat started the talk briskly but ran into technical problems, so talk was deferred.

Talk 2: Building commandline interfaces with ArgParse

Speaker Shanmuga presented the standard library module argparse and how it can used to help process command line arguments including features such as automatic type conversion, handling repeated arguments and help screen generation. Argparse improves on optparse (which obsoleted getopt). Two similar package called docopts and click were suggested by Shrayas uses for the same purpose.

Talk 1: Continued

The problem was a badly named python script called virtualenv.py in the current directory. Both virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper were nicely explained and how they help manage python installations. Someone from the audience(sorry I did not get the name) cited occasions where virtualenv was not appropriate. This is when you need to manually build C extensions and integrate with packages such as numpy, scipy etc.

Talk 3: Python, Gmail & the IMAP protocol

Speaker Shrayas focused on IMAP, the imaplib in the python stdlib and specific Google extensions that make gmail accessible using the imaplib api. These extensions allow for searching using imaplib in a way similar to the search using gmail and using gmail labels using the IMAP protocol.

After a brief networking tea break the next 3 lightning talks.

Shrikant Giridhar presenting his Talk

Talk 4: for i in "Iterable"

Speaker: Shrikant Giridhar's talk was based on a previous Ned Batchelder's talk called Loop like a native. Shrikant brought out the distinction between an iterable and an iterator which are often not obvious in code since the same object can do both. This was a core python talk and was received very well by the audience.

Talk 5: Building a development environment using Vagrant

Speaker: Vengatesh introduced Vagrant, a tool for creating and managing a development environment which can run on local virtualized platforms such as VirtualBox or VMware,

Talk 6: Managing Desktops with Ansible

Speaker Vijay Kumar's talk was an introduction to Ansible playbooks which are recipes to deploy software on servers using the ssh protocol. Both pull and pull form of deployment is possible.

Net Neutral Discussion

After the talks there was a discussion of a possible extended talks in future meetups. 20 minute talks could be considered for a more elaborate presentation with a demo when required. There was a subsequent talk on Net Neutrality which devolved into a full scale free for all discussion.

A good time was had by all! Thank you to all the organizers.

Meeting minutes contributed by Suresh.

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